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School Visits

School visits are a great way to build literacy and language skills. I offer highly interactive and evidence-based activities to keep learners excited and engaged, easy-to-implement tips and resources to assist teachers in the classroom, and simple yet fun strategies for parents to keep the learning going at home!  

Looking forward to visiting with you!

Shool Visits
Speaking Engagements

Virtual School Visits 

Virtual visits work best with just one class or a small group of students and last about 30-minutes

Virtual visits consist of:

  • ice-breaker activity + book reading + Q & A session​​


In-Person School Visits 

I help teachers and students implement simple, actionable strategies to help effectively increase language, literacy, and overall communication skills-- and I do it in the "funnest" way possible! Schedule an in-person school visit for your general education and special education students if you're interested in the following benefits:

  • curriculum-based lessons that promote learning and increase skill retention

  • easy-to-learn evidence-based strategies that build critical language and literacy skills

  • interactive language and literacy activities that make learning easier and faster

  • take-home resources that make skill-building at home easy for caregivers


  • Short Presentations 1 session (45-60-minutes) 

  • Half-day or Full-day Presentations Up to 4 sessions  (30-45 minutes each)​​

Presentation types:

Large groups:

  • e.g., student assembly​ (in an auditorium)

Small groups:

  • in-class presentations


Speaking Engagements

If you're looking for a highly interactive presentation for your organization that combines expert knowledge with practical application, look no further!


My goal is to unpack complex issues in a way that makes them easy to understand and to provide simple strategies that your audience can implement the next day.  


 I look forward to working with you to empower and enlighten!

Professional Development | Parent Training | Professional Conferences 

I specialize in helping speech-language pathologists (SLPs), teachers, and classroom staff learn and implement evidence-based strategies to help boost students'  language and literacy skills. Like my school visit presentations, my professional development presentations and courses are highly interactive, very practical, and extremely engaging for both seasoned professionals and first-years alike. As a school-based clinician for over 10 years, I'm well-versed in how to best empower SLPs, teachers, and classroom staff in a way that ensures measurable improvements in student outcomes!

Presentation types:

  • Virtual 

  • In-Person

Sample presentation topics:

  • Increasing Availability for Learning, Reducing Interfering Behaviors, and Boosting Communication Skills for Autistic Students

  • How to Increase Academic Performance for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

  • Five Ways to Make Reading Fun and Increase Literacy Skills  

  • Effective Strategies to Increase Communication Skills and Build the School-to-Home Connection

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Book Dr. Kearney for your event!

Searching for a high-energy, knowledgeable speaker to empower, excite, and enlighten your group in a manner that makes learning interactive, simple, and fun? You're in the absolute right place!

I love speaking on topics related to autism, cultural and linguistic diversity, literacy, child language disorders, and special education. I'm excited to bring my highly engaging presentation style to engage, educate, and empower your audience!


Please complete the inquiry form, and I’ll reach out to discuss the details of your event. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Talk soon!

-Dr. Kearney



Dr. Kearney's PD for our SPED teachers was so interactive, informative and helpful! We will be asking her to present to our general education teachers next!


This was an outstanding seminar...chock full of research based information.
I've been in practice for many years and learned a great deal about new
ways to assess and treat students with cultural and linguistic diversity.


This presentation was SO valuable for SPED and Gen. Ed. teachers! Such great information shared!

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