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Author Visits

Author visits are a great way to build literacy and language skills. Dr. Kearney (aka Dr. T) offers highly interactive and hands-on author visits to keep learners excited and engaged!

Dr. Kearney incorporates high-energy, hands-on components, fun facts, willing student volunteers, and much, much more to make author visits an experience to remember for small and large groups!

Below is more information about the types of visits Dr. Kearney offers. Complete the request form to book your interactive author visit! 

Feel free to contact Dr. Kearney with any questions. Looking forward to visiting with you!

Author Visits
Speaking Engagements

Making learning fun & effective!


Virtual Author Visits 

Virtual visits work best with just one class or a small group of students and last about 30 minutes


Virtual Presentation: $500

Virtual visits consist of:

  • ice-breaker activities + book reading + Q & A session​​


Use the button below to fill out an inquiry form & book your visit!

In-Person Author Visits 


  • Short Presentations ($500): 1 session (60-minutes) 

  • Half-day Presentations ($850): Up to 3 sessions (45-60 minutes each)

  • Full-day Presentations ($1000): Up to 4 sessions (30-60 minutes each)​​

If a school is a significant distance from her home (DMV area), additional funding is requested for travel and lodging

Presentation types:

Large groups:

  • student assembly​ (interactive presentation related to the book's travel theme + parent/caregiver educational materials)

Small groups:

  • in-class interactive book reading (sensory exploration + take-home gift + parent/caregiver educational materials)

  • workshop​ (book reading + a hands-on activity related to the book's travel theme + take-home gift + parent/caregiver educational materials)


  • staff training or workshop

  • hands-on activity or craft

Use the button below to fill out an inquiry form & book your visit!

Reach out to discuss options for smaller budgets​

Preparing For Your Visit

  • Announce the author visit 1-2 months in advance

  • At least 4 weeks before the visit, pre-order books and make them available for students to purchase

  • Books can be purchased here  or on Amazon

  • If your school can only purchase from approved vendors, contact Dr. Kearney at least 8 weeks in advance so that this process can be completed in enough time to order and receive your books prior to the visit!

  • Coordinate with Dr. Kearney to make sure enough book copies will be available for your students to get signed

    • If orders are placed and payment is collected at least 4 weeks in advance, Dr. Kearney can pre-sign book copies

  • Before the visit, plan to read the book at least one time with students (the more the better!)

  • Use the Lola Koala's Travel Adventures  website for activities, games, and worksheets that pair with the book​

  • Promote the event!

    • Display the books in your school library

    • Have students create posters to promote the event and decorate the school halls

    • Run a contest where the winner(s) get a special prize 

    • Dr. Kearney is happy to coordinate with you to provide fun prizes!

  • Have students think of questions that they can ask on the day of the author visit

  • Schedule staff to be present during the event

  • Test your audio/video equipment and fix any problems ahead of time

  • Prepare to have a good time!

Professional Development | Parent Training | Professional Conferences 

Presentation types:

  • Virtual 

  • In-Person

Sample presentation topics:

  • autism spectrum disorder

  • cultural  and linguistical diversity

  • literacy

  • special education

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Estimated speaker budget

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Book Dr. Kearney for your event!

As a licensed speech-language pathologist, children's book author, and communicator, I've been honored to speak with a number of families, speech pathologists, school teams, community groups, and students at conferences and other events.

I love speaking on topics related to autism, cultural and linguistic diversity, literacy, child language disorders, and special education. I'm excited to bring my high-energy, interactive presentation style to engage, educate, and empower your audience!


Please complete the inquiry form, and I’ll reach out to discuss the details of your event. If you have any questions, please contact me at

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