Dr. Tinita O. Kearney


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Dr. T's Story

I'm a speech-language pathologist (SLP) by day and a children's book author by night (and also by day many days!). I live to EMPOWER children and their families and my prayer is that my books do just that.

I've always been that kid walking around with a book in hand (my mother still has her collection of my many childhood stories!) and I hope to raise my two children to love books equally as much.  My greatest aspiration, however, goes well beyond my little family -- my #1 goal is to empower the next generation of learners!


Lola Koala's Travel Adventures: Who, What, Where & Yes/No Questions

July 2019

I created this lift-the-flap board book series to teach fundamental language skills in a fun way.


Book 1 teaches how to answer questions while introducing little ones to fun travel concepts.


Join Lola Koala on her globetrotting adventure!


Dr. Tinita O. Kearney

“A good book makes language-teaching easy for the caregiver, while making language-learning easy for the child.”